Crowdinvesting update: investments can still be made until 23 January 2022

The crowdinvesting launched by dhp technology on 13 December 2021 has exceeded all expectations. The funding goal of 1 million Swiss francs was reached after just 11 days. Now dhp wants to go even further.

With a seven-day prefunding for groups of people close to dhp, more than CHF 500,000 was raised even before the official launch on 13 December. The funding target of CHF 1 million was reached after just 11 days. Currently, dhp welcomes more than 320 new co-owners to dhp technology AG. “We are very pleased that so many are enthusiastic about our values and how we support the future of the solar folding solar. This means we can start the next phase of the company with full force,” says Gian Andri Diem, co-founder and managing partner.
With the currently generated capital, dhp intends to push ahead with automation and market entry in Germany and Austria, as well as implement digitalisation in the planning and sales process.

Investments can still be made until 23 January 2022
The positive course of the first funding round encourages dhp to increase the funding target on the CONDA platform to CHF 2 million. This should make it possible to switch to the next product generation and develop partner models for more distant countries. In this way, a rapid scaling of the solar folding roof projects and thus the targeted economic growth can be achieved. The crowdinvesting campaign will last until 23 January 2022.

Join us on our journey and help shape the future of the HORIZON solar folding roof!
Find out more & invest here: crowdinvesting on conda.ch

Gian Andri Diem & Andreas Hügli
Founders & managing partners

and the whole dhp team



dhp wins Swiss Future Prize 2021

On the occasion of the National Climate Day on 27 May 2021, the winner of the Swiss Future Prize was announced. The three finalists – dhp technology, 3S Solar Plus and LEDCity – were chosen by a renowned jury. The audience had the final say, as the winner was chosen by public voting.

The two dhp founders and managing directors, Gian Andri Diem and Andreas Hügli, together with their 30-strong team, are delighted: “We would like to thank all our “fans” for giving us their vote. We wish our two comrades-in-arms continued success. Together with them, we will continue on the path to a climate-neutral future with renewable energy and energy efficiency.”

Under this year’s motto “Economy in (Climate) Change”, the Swiss Future Prize honours companies, teams and individuals for their commitment to combating climate change. www.klimatag.ch/zukunftspreis

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Winter power production – the picture proof

While conventional PV systems remain covered by snow after snowfall and do not produce electricity, the solar folding roof scores with its unique, patented folding mechanism. Using a meteo algorithm, the solar folding roof is retracted fully automatically in the event of snowfall, storms and hail. This protects the modules and keeps them free of snow. Initial experience in the snowy winter of 2021 shows that it works and that the winter service in the parking lot can also operate flawlessly.

Images: Winter power production at ARA Davos (1560 m above sea level) and the Jakobsbad-Kronbergbahn parking lot (890 m above sea level)

ARA Davos mit Schnee_201207

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Eight solar folding roof projects completed by the end of 2020

We are very pleased: Six more HORIZON solar folding roof projects will be realized by the end of 2020, and a total of eight systems with 3,049 installed kWp will be in operation in 2020. Projects already implemented are:

ARA Chur
Parking Jakobsbad-Kronberg, Appenzell
ARA Glarnerland, Bilten
ARA Romanshorn
ARA Davos
ARA Seez Flums
ARA Münsterlingen
ARA Bassersdorf

Good prospects: Around 20 further projects are planned for the coming years, both in Switzerland and abroad.

Thanks to the high degree of prefabrication, HORIZON can be assembled on site for the most part with ease. The system requires less material than permanently installed solar modules. With a height of up to six meters and up to 25 meters distance between the columns, it offers plenty of space under the photovoltaic roof. The roof produces comparable amounts of solar power to a conventional flat roof system. In regions with heavy snowfall, HORIZON can even produce more electricity in winter, as the modules are always snow-free thanks to the folding and retraction mechanism.

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First solar folding roof HORIZON over parking area in Switzerland

The first HORIZON solar folding roof over a parking area in Appenzell, Switzerland
For the first time, a HORIZON solar folding roof spans a parking area in Appenzellerland. In the visitor parking lot of the Jakobsbad-Kronberg cable car, the solar folding roof provides shade and supplies the cable car with locally produced solar power. 420kWp power is installed on an area of approx.4,000m2 with 152 parking spaces. The annual electricity production covers the needs of 70 households. In combination with charging stations for electric vehicles, the solar folding roof represents the perfect link between ecological mobility, local CO2-free electricity production and the double use of sealed floor areas.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/8uwBH7J968mshCT57